Summer of EVS volunteers

Integration Trip

EVS volunteers of Caritas wonderful,  integration trip of canoeing with deputy director Pries Piotr Brzozowski of Caritas Archdiocese Gdansk. 

Preparation of "Sport day"

EVS volunteers coordinate the event of Sport, which will take part 16 th June in in order to Promote healthy and active life and help  Caritas difficult background kids to socialize, allow them to make new friends of different centers and schools.


EVS volunteers 


Imagine what is waking up happy, mainly because you’re going to work. Imagine what is using your spare time to think about how that particular activity will happen, or how to approach that delicate topic without losing the youngster's interest. Okay, now you can imagine how part of these two ...


Until now - and I hope until the end of this project- my EVS life is amazing. The first month, January, was to know the other members of the group, look around the city and start to learn Polish. On February we had the Beginning-Term Training for volunteers that was nice ...


I started with help from my flatmate, who helped me a lot to get used to and live in Poland. I took polish lessons with rest of volunteer and I also did my on- arrival training in Warsaw. Where I met some of my good friends here in Poland. A ...


I started this experience to improve myself, to change my life. At the beginning, it was beautiful but also difficult to me because I started sharing and discovering new things. It was difficult specially for the cold and the new language. But despite all this, I am proud to have ...


Hi, my name is Alberto and i’m going to tell you about my first month here. I think EVS bring you the opportunity for change the way you see the life, opening your mind. You work with people of others countries who contribute you many new things. Instead of the ...


Right now i made 3 months in the project and i feel a hurricane of feelings inside myself. First of all i feel a huge satisfaction for the work im doing, i feel very proud of putting my social worker skills in practice each days with the children, also i ...


Hi there, 

I'm a Caritas volunteer and I am doing my EVS in Gdansk, Poland.

Here is a bit about my experience here:

At work, I sometimes help kids with their homework and mostly play games and do activities with them. In my free time I like to meet ...


The first two month in Gdansk for my EVS in Caritas association was really great. I know a lot of new people, new friends and polish people, I spend my free time with this new friends, looking football matches.

Discovering the three city and the best place for eating tipical ...

Life as a volunteer

Volunteer from Georgia, Tako who came in Poland to change her life, discover new country, culture, people, traditions, language. 

Świetlica Dobra

Special day for kids from Swietlica Dobra, Volunteers visited facility to make a day colorful and memorable for them, EVS Volunteers organized outdoor activity and games.  Kids involved with pleasure and had a lot of fun. 

"Na Dolnej"


6 th March volunteers have  visited Caritas facility of old people, “Na Dolnej”  volunteers presented their countries, cooked fruit salad, played games with them, volunteers danced national dances of their countries, Spanish volunteers Alvaro, Jose and Charlie made a workshop of Spanish dances, they taught them Salsa, Georgian volunteers ...

Świetlica Pod Kasztanem

13 th March volunteers visited Caritas facility “Pod Kasztanem”, volunteers prepared some games to introduce themselves and got really friendly relationship. Volunteers played games with kids and organized competition for them, Children participated  with full of positive vibes in all activities . It was great to see their happy faces.  They ...

International Cooking Day

14 th March was held integration activity of volunteers, their work coordinators and mentors, We have cooked together different kind of food from volunteers countries, was cooked Georgian "Khinkali" and "Khachapuri", Spanish "Ensalada campera" and "Gazpacho", Belarusian "Plow' and sandwiche" and Ukrainian dishes, Finaly we had  very "tasty evening" with ...

Life As a Volunteer

Dato is 22 years old, Georgian boy,  one day he decided to change himself, found EVS project,  packed his luggage, left his Georgian life style and came to Poland for new chapter of his life. 

You can watch his video and find out how is life as a volunteer ...


Caritas Archdiocese Gdansk implements new EVS project STOP SECOND – ENTER OUR NEW WORLD, Our volunteers are already in Poland.


Caritas Archdiocese Gdansk organize for volunteers intensive Polish language courses, Our volunteers are very motivated to study new language and be able to communicate with local people and with co-workers. 


6 th July for our volunteers was full of adventures, vice director of Caritas Archdiocese Gdansk Ks. Piotr Brzozowski took us in a beautiful place for Canoeing, 9 kilometer a head, no experience and rainy weather seemed a little bit scary but from the first second we started out trip ...

Nino Lelashvili

It is already ten months that I am in Poland. This period run so fast and easy, but lot of things happened! Time full of challenges, adventures and interesting working process. I remember first days when I came, how confused I was. Thanks to my mentor for help to integrate ...

Mari Khvadagiani

When I was looking for the EVS program, I always tried to search it on the territory of Poland. The reason for it is that I have heard so much from my friends about Polish people being warm and hospitable. They are willing to help you in any situation.

so ...

Natallia Chalevich

What is EVS for me. I live in the foreign country a little more half a year, and it has already become native for me. I met new friends here, great people! I fell in love with this magical city. I must admit that this year for me as a ...

Tatjana Manojlovska

My EVS journey


1.10.2015… That is when my journey begins. Arriving at the small, cute, old building where I was told I will live, I was not aware that I will live in one of the most famous street in Gdansk, Mariacka street. In time, enjoying ...

Victoriia Furdyn

I joined the project six months ago, it was saturated days.
During this time I acquired new friends, who are completely different but which are united by one charitable purpose.
On this project feeling quite correct, there is a possibility to work with different children and to see the positive ...

Pedro Morales Pelegrin

Hello everybody, It’s me Pedro Morales. I’m from Lorca, Spain I’m 21 years old and, also, I am doing my adventure in my EVS in Gdansk, Poland.

First of all to say, if you can to do an EVS doesn’t think, do it!

I came here with the intention to ...

Lada Zoriy

It is almost a year since I became a volunteer in Poland. I learned Polish quickly. It is so easy for me to communicate with children and employees.

We did lot of interesting things with the children during the year, preparing for Christmas fairs, performed "Misterium Męki Pańskiej" went to ...